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Hina inherited her social ideologies from her mother Pushpa, an artist and social worker, and her drive from her father Dilip Bhuptani, a metallurgical engineer with Tata Steel. While she was born and brought up in Jamshedpur, she got her degree from the Maharaja Sayajirao University, Vadodara. In Jamshedpur, she learnt classical dance from the age of five at Rabindra Parishad, winning numerous awards even as a child. She soon progressed to Odissi and went on to win district, state and national level prizes. She was also chosen to direct a dance drama for All India Radio (AIR) at the age of 14.

The meticulous dance training she received from her guru Sri. Indrakumar Patnaik Mohanti in Orissa coupled with her passion for dance gave Hina’s talent an extra richness. She has given dance performances all over India and in Europe, and has received both public and media acclaim.


Dr. Hina Shah is an entrepreneur since 1978 in the field of plastic packaging. Her dream was to create a large pool of entrepreneurs through increasing their access over productive resources and foster the process of non-reversible developmental change.

Hina Shah transformed her own entrepreneurial experience into a development initiative by establishing International Centre for Entrepreneurship & Career Development (ICECD) in 1986. ICECD has been the vanguard of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise (MSME) Development amongst varying target groups, men, women (rural/ urban) and has worked extensively around the globe keeping gender issues in sharp focus and to enable socio-economic and political empowerment of the disadvantage population including women. ICECD has facilitated thousands of disadvantage youth and women to become self employed and Entrepreneurs around the world.

Dr. Hina Shah started the process of empowerment and influencing the national policy for women’s development through Women Entrepreneurship Development Programme (WED).

Institutions Initiated

1986 (ICECD)

Dr. Hina Shah started “The International Centre for Entrepreneurship and Career Development (ICECD)”, a unique organization through which she went on to facilitate capacity building for thousands of disadvantaged women and youth to become entrepreneurs not only in Gujarat, but pan India, and in more than 50 other Asian/ African countries.

Under her leadership, ICECD established itself as a premier organization in the country for Women’s Economic Empowerment, and has developed models and strategies for making women mainstream economic partners.

Dr. Hina Shah has been relentlessly working for the last 31 years with the mission to create an “Entrepreneurial Society” through specially designed programmes for rural areas, urban slums and tribal areas, as well as urban qualified women. With a special focus on gender, the women thus trained have taken up non-conventional business in various sectors of electronics, textile, food processing, packaging, etc. They are earning between INR 7,000 to INR 125,000 per month and many have diversified. These women have started gaining control over social decisions and are experiencing personal autonomy in the true sense.

  • By now, ICECD has developed and trained over 2,00,000 youth (including women) to become successful entrepreneurs. They include Rural, Tribal, SC/ST, minorities, widows, literate, illiterate as well as physically challenged, BPL women and marginal farm labourers across India.
  • Hina Shah has also trained +5500 trainers/extension workers of +1150 organizations working for women in India. Over 10,00,000 women have benefited not just in India, but also in various Asian, African and Pacific countries. ICECD has also brought in organizations/trainers from 54 countries to India for dissemination of the Women Economic Empowerment Development (WED) strategy.
  • Hina Shah has written a number of manuals/ books for ILO, UN and others which have been translated into 6 different languages – Hindi, Gujarati, Tamil, Marathi, Bengali and Assamese, besides English.
  • Her book, “If I Can, You Can Be an Entrepreneur” recently published by Partridge Publications has reached out to thousands of women across the world. It is an inspiring as well as technical guide for women to start their own business.
  • More than 700 articles written by Hina Shah have been published in various national/ international journals and publications.

2000 (SJIS)

Satyameva Jayate International School founded by Dr. Hina Shah in the year 2000 is the only school in the world where besides the regular curriculum; students learn the nuances of entrepreneurship in the school from Grade 1 to 10. The mission is to create these students into capable, successful, entrepreneurs of the country who will emerge as job creators and not job seekers.

Having been honoured with various awards, this Model for Entrepreneurship Education has been created by Dr. Hina Shah which is enabling creating young Entrepreneurs at the school level itself.

Other Work

She has worked as an Advisor, Consultant and Resource person to various International, National, Multilateral and Bilateral Development Agencies like: The World Bank, United Nations organizations like UNDP; UNFPA; UNICEF; UNIFEM; ILO; UN-ESCAP, Canadian International Development Agency, United States Agency for International Development, GTZ, Commonwealth Secretariat, Foundation for Management Development – Japan, etc. for India as well as in many Asian, African and Caribbean Countries.

She has worked at National and International levels in the areas of:

  • SME Policy and Programme Development
  • Economic Empowerment Strategy Planning
  • Rural Social and Economic Strategy, Planning and Development
  • Disaster Mitigation and Community Development
  • Research, Study and Programme Evaluation
  • Micro Credit Management and Gender Development


Hina Shah Founder-Director ICECD and Satyameva Jayate International School is a Master of Science with further qualifications in HRD areas. She is an entrepreneur since 1978 in the field of plastic packaging. She has transformed her own entrepreneurial experience into a developmental initiative (1986) ICECD, which has facilitated thousands of disadvantaged women to become entrepreneurial, around the world.

Professional Work Done

Programme Specialist

Strategic planning, designing and implementing social, economic and political Development Programmes for women for NGOs, GOs and donor agencies. Along with institutional building with special focus on gender specific needs.

Small & Micro Enterprise Development Specialist

Preparation of country profile and reports for suggesting plans to harness economic growth by creation of network with government and Business Development Services (BDS) providers through self-employment, entrepreneurship. Developed number of training and teaching manuals for SME creation for women.

Economic Empowerment Specialist

Specialisation in women in economic empowerment, training and teaching programmes for women of all strata of the society in Asian, African and Pacific countries bringing government, NGOs and other BDS providers together. To mention a few countries where major work is done are Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Lao’s, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Zambia, Tanzania, etc.

Advisor to the policy makers and other non-government organisations (NGOs), schools and colleges/universities for institutionalization of women enterprise development. Designing need based training programmes for employable skills development, income generation, self-employment and entrepreneurship for varied target groups of women (rural & urban) with special focus on poverty alleviation.

Rural Social and Economic Development Specialist

Integration of resources and formulation of training and developmental programmes for rural community in areas focusing on community based sustainable activities. Capacity building for head-women of villages in India for village development and facilitating creation of Federations of rural women groups (40,000 women) and rural women entrepreneurs (2000) at state level.

Institution Capacity Building Specialist

Plan, implement and institutionalisation programs for trainers, resource persons and village heads of rural areas, officials of NGOs, GOs and BDS organisations.

Disaster Mitigation and Community Development Specialist

Advising and developing social and economic rehabilitation strategies and programmes for the victims of natural calamities like earthquake, flood, drought etc and also conducting disaster management programmes for economic and social rehabilitation.

Research and Study Specialist

Conducting country need assessment, development of project study of donor agencies and government departments. Focused study on present status of women, performance assessment of women entrepreneurs, credit flow and its utilisation by rural women in micro enterprises.

Programme/Projects Evaluation Specialist

Developing overall framework for project monitoring and evaluation in accordance to the project details and plan. Designing the framework for the physical and process monitoring of project activities. Preparing consolidated progress reports for project management including identification of problems, causes of potential bottlenecks in project and suggesting recommendation. Evaluation of existing micro/small/medium enterprises and community development programmes and developing new strategies for different target groups of women.

Micro Credit Management Specialist

Micro credit delivery and credit management programmes for poverty alleviation and facilitating community based organisations for micro finance delivery in urban slums, rural/tribal villages.

Gender and Development specialist

Conducting impact assessment with gender focus, integrating gender concerns in development and implementation plans and gender sensitisation training- Training Material Development.

Training Specialist

Developing need based curriculum, designing training programme and training materials for Grassroots enterprise development training for women, men, employment generation programmes for youth/women, training trainers and organisational business resources of government and NGOs.

Record of Achievements

Creating entrepreneurs in India and at international level in Asia, Africa, Pacific and Caribbean countries

Over 10,00,000 women have benefited in India and in developing countries in rural, urban and tribal areas

Creation of Wealth….Contribution to the Economy

(a) Total investments created in India = Rs 195 Crores
(b) Total Investment created in other countries = Rs 620 Crores

Employment Generation

ICECD’s directly trained 1,00,000 Entrepreneurs have further created employment for 3,00,000 unemployed people in India. Moreover, skills training offered by the institute in areas like garment manufacturing, pre-cast cement products, Electrical, Masonry, Carpentry, Plumbing and sanitation and many services have in all created employment for over 2,00,000 people in India.

Innovative Development through video conferencing

E-learning centers have been established in village clusters covering 30 villages for enabling rural women to have access to entrepreneurship training, information sharing and capacity building. The objective is to provide better opportunity and resources through training and education with the help of video conferencing.
I hereby reach out to hundreds of women in rural Gujarat and enable them to become self sufficient by starting their micro and small businesses.

Micro-Credit Support

ICECD has directly provided micro credit to +10,000 poor women with total loans of Indian Rupees 12.7 million. This has led them to sustainable income generation, asset creation and economic independence, further leading them to new avenues of reducing their suffering through better health, education and environment.

Social Development

Diversification into these activities has reached to more than 200 villages in Gujarat for functional literacy, health care, social security, environment and human rights awareness.

Dealing with Disaster

ICECD has worked extensively in disaster hit areas of Latur / Usmanabad in Maharashtra and recently in Kutchchh, Gujarat in Bhachau, Rapar Bhuj and Anjar blocks covering 70 villages. Over 25,000 people have been trained and aided to become economically independent and overcome the effects of the disaster. The details are:

Drinking water restoration: earthquake and drought affected areas were helped with drinking water sources restoration and with rain water harvesting structures in order to mitigate the problems of this very important basic need in 10 areas.

Achieving social empowerment: Promoting value based social development through health initiatives, formal and informal functional literacy and advancement of the status of women (human rights, advocacy for gender equality) reaching out to 10,000 women, children under health care work, 2500 women trained for functional literacy and human rights and about 6500 women were covered under insurance.

Village Service Centres (VSCs) : “Entrepreneurial Hub”

ICECD has developed 10 Village Service Centers in different locations addressing business requirements of 70 villages. The main aim of these centres is to provide required business services to rural people by housing various entrepreneurs with different micro enterprises in one common place and providing business services to customers at the nearest possible place, at the most competitive price. Each VSC caters to the market demand of a group of villages (5-9) in its vicinity, thus helping the entrepreneurs with access to a large market, better economic opportunities, higher demand and greater scope of enterprise sustainability.

Addressing Child Labour

Leading mothers of child laborers to take up micro enterprises, as a specific strategy (mainly in Asia), has enabled the families to withdraw children from exploitative labor. Mothers are trained and they set up their businesses, which has improved their and their children’s lives and further interventions have led these children to education.

Results & Impact Achieved

ICECD's developmental interventions have resulted in creating a large pool of capable human beings at national/international level. The efforts have enabled development of capabilities of the women who were mired with sufferings with no hope; and has been instrumental in facilitating change in these conditions. This has created impacts at levels of:

Economic Independence and Sustainability for Poor Women

Created over 2,00,000 entrepreneurs, leading them towards income generation individually as well as in groups. Total investment created by them is approx. 44.3 millions in India.

Institutions Network

ICECD has developed institutional human resources to build local capabilities for replicating WEDP programmes.

ICECD has also created linkages with NGOs and government departments /Panchayats and helped them to implement health, education and sanitation related activities in a number of villages.

ICECD has linked SHGs and entrepreneurs to Commercial banks for credit (more than 20,000 women) of tribal, slum, rural and urban areas.

ICECD works as a resource organization with British Gas/TATA Chemicals, Leiden University in Netherlands and as a partner organization of many more in the corporate sector and education.


Mainstreaming Women: Linkages with market/technology/credit/ institutions have provided impetus and have enabled women to adopt viable technologies and market their products. Thus, the women join the mainstream in a remarkably short time.

Towards Gender balanced Development: Stress has been laid on women being able to manage both roles - that of an “entrepreneur” as well as a “wife, mother and daughter” side by side.

National Economy

Improved living conditions and Asset Creation: The increased income has motivated women to send their children to better schools, better life styles besides improving their health conditions.

Small and micro enterprise creation and employment generation increasing productivity in the country creating 3 to 5 employment opportunities in each unit created.

The Multiplier Impact

The Centre has been able to create a multiplier effect both at National and International level through the trained trainers. For example, over 200 trainers trained by me are engaged in further training women entrepreneurs. Each trainer trains at least 50 women in a year, and the multiplier effect can be seen by the fact that these trainers provide entrepreneurial opportunities to at least 10,000 women (200 x 50) every year. This is an ongoing activity since the programmes are institutionalized.

Similarly, 70 international trainers trained by me are training over 3500 women in 18 countries every year. This process creates a massive multiplier impact.

International Experiences/ Consultancies

Worked with and advisor and training faculty to various International, National, multilateral and Bilateral Development Agencies like: The World Bank, United Nations organizations like UNDP; UNFPA; UNICEF; UNIFEM; ILO; UN-ESCAP, Canadian International Development Agency, United States Agency for International Development, GTZ, Commonwealth Secretariat, Foundation for Management Development-Japan, etc.


Resource Person for conferences, training, workshops

1) 1985-UK : Worked as Resource Person in designing an internationally applicable entrepreneurship development programme (EDP) at Oxford University and Cranfield Management Institute

2) 1985-Sri Lanka : Invited by Sri Lanka women Chamber of Commerce and Industry as Resource Person to deliver a key-note address and to plan WED programme for the year

3) 1985-UK : A Resource Person to finalise internationally applicable selection tools for entrepreneurship development training at Oxford University

4) 1989-Sri Lanka : Invited to Colombo as a Resource Person and faculty for youth introducing youth entrepreneurship programme at national level (1989) by GTZ.

5) 1989-Philippines : Invited by Technonest-Asia Singapore as resource person and presented a paper in international workshop on women entrepreneurship for Asian countries.

Research and Study

1) 1984-85-Africa-Latin America-Asia : Selected as a Research Fellow by Professor David McClelland, a world renowned behavioural scientist, for a project conducted in Africa, Latin America and Asia to develop a specific entrepreneurship development model and determine specific entrepreneurial characteristics of successful entrepreneurs

2) 1987-90-Pakistan : Invited by USAID and AED to conduct needs assessment study to develop women entrepreneurship in Pakistan. As a result of needs assessment, developed training modules, implemented pilot project and 3 years activity was designed and delivered from 1987 to 1990 for existing women entrepreneurs and start-up women entrepreneurs. Second phase 1993-95 was evaluated and monitored

3) 1987-Pakistan : Invited by Pakistan government to study and assess potentiality and possibility of women entrepreneurship development activity in Pakistan (1987)

4) 1998-Africa-Zambia : Invited by ILO/UNDP to develop research tools for needs assessment and training of research associates from Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Lesotho for women entrepreneurship (1998)


1) 1988-Indonesia : Invited by ILO/UNDP to work for planning commission to evaluate on-going micro/small enterprise development programmes, draw conclusions/ recommendations and develop country plans for entrepreneurship and small enterprise development in Indonesia and institutionalising the same activity in 1988


1) 1989-Asian Countries : Designed and conducted workshop in Ahmedabad, India for policy makers of ten Asian countries to foster Women Entrepreneurship Development (1989)


1) 1989-Zambia : Invited by Commonwealth Secretariat to write and review the handbook/manual on women entrepreneurship (the part of the book – “How to Start Business” is written by me) to Lusaka, Zambia (1989)

2) 1989-Jordan : Invited by UNFPA and ILO to prepare a country project plan to foster small business development activity and institutionalise the same in Jordan for women


Resource Person for Conferences, Training and Workshops

1) 1990-Bangladesh-Sri Lanka - Invited by technonet Asia and GTZ to be the Resource Person at the CEFE module training for start-up entrepreneurs at Bangladesh and Sri Lanka for women entrepreneurship

2) 1991-New Zealand - Invited by Commonwealth Secretariat to New Zealand as a resource person for the project on "Requisite Linkages for Entrepreneurship Development in University Education" (1991)

3) 1994-Thailand : Invited by UN-ESCAP as a Resource person at Chiangmai Thailand - Workshop on Diversified Skills for women in industries

4) 1994-Malaysia : Resource person - Kaula Trenganu - Malaysia on Economic Development of women through Developmental programmes, COMMACT (1994)

5) 1994-Asia/Pacific Countries : Resource person to finalise the Research Manual, Resource Book project for women in Asia Pacific countries organised by Asia Pacific Technology Transfer centre

6) 1994-USA : Resource person to write an UN document for women in economic decision-making for Asia, Africa, and Caribbean countries for UN office New York USA

7) 1995-USA : Resource person for World meeting for Women’s Development Plans and Management at Washington, USA

8) 1996-Bangkok : Resource person to write a report on women in Development in the least developed countries for UN ESCAP Bangkok

9) 1996-Malta : Resource person to develop micro credit initiative and micro enterprise development programme for Asia, Africa and Pacific countries at Malta by Commonwealth Secretariat.

10) 1997-Ghana : Resource person for UNDP - African countries for Human Resource Development in Ghana for gender development and planning programmes

11) 1998-Thailand : Resource Person and Women Enterprise Development Specialist for Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP-UN), Thailand to write and develop training material - Manual for Poverty Alleviation in Asia

12) 1998-Malta : Resource person for Commonwealth Global consultation in Malta for developing Gender management systems (GMS) for developmental projects.

13) 1999-Malaysia : Resource person for the Commonwealth Youth Ministers meeting in Malaysia - presented a paper on Youth Credit Initiative being implemented by ICECD in Asia

Research and Study

1) 1990-91-Pakistan-Nepal-Sri Lanka-Thailand-Indonesia : Conduction of training needs assessment for women entrepreneurship in Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Indonesia on an ICECD project. As an outcome, country action plans were developed and 24 trainers of these countries were trained for fostering women entrepreneurship in their respective countries (1990-91)

2) 1990-91-Lao PDR : Needs Assessment study and creating awareness amongst policy makers for women entrepreneurship in Lao PDR


1) 1990-91-Asian Countries : Evaluation of Women Development programmes on behalf of Foundation Asian Management Development, Japan (FAMD) in four Asian countries. Developed individual action plans for Women’s Economic Empowerment thro’ Entrepreneurship Development initiatives (1990-91)


1) 1990-Sri Lanka : Invited by Commonwealth Secretariat to introduce self-employment and entrepreneurship amongst unemployed youth in Sri Lanka

2) 1990-92-African Countries : Conducted a Training of Trainers at Abidjan, Ivory Coast for 12 African countries for Women Entrepreneurship Development with the African Development Bank (1990-92)

3) 1994-Malta : Designing an international development programme for commonwealth countries for credit initiative and enterprise development of youth in Malta

4) 1995-97-Philippines-Nepal-India-Thailand-Sri Lanka : ILO - Expert lead trainer for conducting TOTs for women entrepreneurship in Philippines, Nepal, India, Thailand and Sri Lanka (1995-97)

5) 1997-98-Thailand : Expert to design a development curriculum for women entrepreneurship and poverty alleviation Asia Pacific countries for UN ESCAP.

6) 1999-Lao PDR : Training of Trainers for Women Entrepreneurship in Lao PDR with ILO

Disaster Management

1) 1993-95-India : Member of the World Bank aided Disaster management team in Maharashtra, India. In-charge of devising economic plans for rehabilitation of affected women and young girls


1) 1995-96-India : ILO assignment for writing a Training Manual for South Asian countries for women entrepreneurship (1995-96)

Consultant, Expert, and Committee Member

1) 1993-98-India : Executive committee member of World Bank Project WEMTOP in India to institutionalise enterprise management capability for income generation by women groups.

2) 1995-97-India : Executive committee member of gender development fund of the Canadian Government for activities and funds to be channelized in India

3) 1997-Brunei Darusal-aam : Consultant to Govt of Brunei Darussalam for developing plan to foster Small Enterprises among youth in the country

4) 1998-Lao PDR : Expert with ILO to introduce Women Entrepreneurship in Lao PDR for rural and urban women

5) 1998-China : Visit to China as a Expert Group Member to introduce Entrepreneurship for Poverty Alleviation Programme

6) 1998-Nepal : Gender specialist for UNDP, Nepal on integrating Gender in all UNDP projects, to integrate gender concerns in all development plans

2000 and 2001

Resource Person for Conferences, Training and Workshops

1) 2000-Vietnam : Attended World Conference as Resource Person for developing effective indicators for Business Development Services (BDS) in Vietnam

2) 2001-Asian Countries : Resource person for Youth Ministry to introduce credit programme and entrepreneurship with Commonwealth Asian countries

3) 2001-Maldives : Resource Person to foster Youth Entrepreneurship Development and Credit programme in Maldives for Commonwealth Asia Centre.

Disaster Management

1) 2001-India : Member of the Rehabilitation programme team with Care International in the Earthquake affected areas of Gujarat, India specifically in charge of projects for creating livelihood options thro’ employment/self-employment for women and youth


Resource Person for Conferences, Training and Workshops

1) Bahrain : Resource person for UN-ESCWA for Regional Expert Group Meeting on Enhancing Competitiveness through the Promotion of Innovative Approaches in SMEs (At Bahrain)


1) Jordan-Lebanon-Syria-Gaza : Consultant to UNIFEM, Jordan on participatory review of Gender and Micro Enterprise development interventions in the Arab Region

2) India : Consultant to Government of Kerala on review of State Poverty Eradication Mission “Kudumbashree”


Resource Person for Conferences, Training and Workshops

1) India : Resource person for UNESCO-IGNOU for National Consultative Workshop on Framework on Gender

2) India : Resource person for MP Women Resource Centre for National Workshop on Women’s Empowerment and Promotion of Self Help Groups

3) India : Resource Person for Federation of Indian Women Entrepreneurs (FIWE) for International Conference on Women in SMMEs – Innovative Opportunities for Growth in Mumbai, India.

4) India : Resource Person for Community Based Disaster Management : Experience from South Asia : conducted by ITDG, Sri Lanka in India


Resource Person for Conferences, Training and Workshops

1) Sri Lanka : Resource person for SEEDS-Sri Lanka for International Workshop on Efficient Delivery Mechanism of Micro Credit

2) India : Resource person for Convention for All India Bank Officers Confederation in Ahmedabad, India.

3) Bangladesh : Resource Person for Commonwealth in the Asia Regional Training Workshop on Youth Enterprise Development and Commonwealth Youth Credit Initiative during 14-19 June 2004 at Dhaka, Bangladesh (Hosted by Commonwealth Youth Programme, Asia Centre)


1) India : Consultant to Canadian High Commission to evaluate CIDA’s projects in India for the last 15 years with a special focus on gender.


Resource Person for Conferences, Training and Workshops

1) India : Resource person for ILO, New Delhi for National Conference on Business Development Services for Small Enterprises in Mumbai, India.

2) Sri Lanka : Resource person for International Workshop of BDS conducted by SEEDS-Sri Lanka

3) India : Resource person for Regional workshop on Solution Exchange – “Decentralization and Work and Employment Communities” conducted by UNDP India in Ahmedabad.

4) Indonesia - Facilitating, developing and implementing economic rehabilitation plans for Indonesia – after disaster for Department of Social Affairs, Government of Indonesia


Resource Person for Conferences, Training and Workshops

1) India : Resource person for India Exposure Programme-2006 for participants of Asian African countries conducted by KNH Bangalore, India.

2) India : Resource person for National Meet of Accredited Trainers in Enterprise Development conducted by Ministry of Small Scale industries and NIESBUD India, New Delhi

3) Sri Lanka : Resource person for programme for internalise methods for technical training in different trades (tsunami affected people of Sri Lanka)

4) Sri Lanka-Pakistan : Designing and facilitating disaster mitigation through sustainable socio economic rehabilitation programmes for Pakistan, Sri Lanka - participants of ITDG partners


Resource Person for Conferences, Training and Workshops

1) India : Resource person and Speaker for Corporate in Human Resource Development at Chennai organised by All India Management Association

2) India : Resource Person and Speaker on Socio-Economic Empowerment of Women for the International Conference on Environment Management, organised by the CEE

3) India : Chairperson for the Regional Meeting of Commonwealth Secretariat on Youth Empowerment.

4) India : Resource Person for the Sri-Lankan team for the North-Central Province Rural Development Programme, in Ahmedabad

5) India : Invited as the Member of the Management Advisory Board Meeting of Commonwealth Youth Initiative Programme in Sri Lanka


Nigeria - Institutionalized Entrepreneurship in Nigeria with Small and Medium Entrepreneurship Development Agency of Nigeria (SMEDAN)

2009 Onwards

Resource person for Conferences, Training and Workshops

1) 2009-12-Sri Lanka : Resource person to facilitate Entrepreneur’s Capacity Building for SEEDS, Sri Lanka along with international linkages

2) 2009-13-USA : Board of Director of IPM: International Partners in Mission to direct and facilitate IPM’s activities in Latin America, Kenya and India

3) 2009-13 : Nigeria : Partner and Resource Person for Entrepreneurship Promotions Academy, Abuja, Nigeria

4) 2009-13 India Resource Person for Advocacy and Culture creation for Entrepreneurship in Universities, Educational Institutes such as: INDUS University, Ahmedabad, Railway Staff College, Baroda, NIRMA University, Vallabh Vidyanagar University, Women’s Chamber of Commerce, Surat.


Books Written

“If I Can, You Can Be an Entrepreneur” recently published by Partridge Publications has reached out to thousands of women across the world. It is a step by step guide for women to start their own business.

"Trainers Manual for Women Entrepreneurship Development", published by ICECD (International Centre for Entrepreneurship & Career Development), India, 1990 (275 pages manual, the first of its kind, gives step by step instructions for conducting 144 sessions covering all inputs for women entrepreneurship development training programmes, backed up with reading/reference papers). (This has been translated in 5 languages).

"Model Curriculum for Women Entrepreneurs", (under publication) by ICECD.

"Performance Analysis of Existing Women Entrepreneurs in India", A Research Report Document, Published by Industrial Development Bank of India, Government of India, 1990.

"Handbook for Women Entrepreneurs" published by Technonet Asia, Singapore and Foundation for Asian Management Development, Japan, 1990.

"Manual - Training of Young Unemployed Women", Published by Commonwealth Secretariat, UK (Contributed the section on "How to start and Run a Business"), 1989.

"Manual for Group Entrepreneurship" targeted to rural poor, illiterate women to develop economic empowerment for sustaining income generation activities. It is a three weeks training module with step-by-step session guide along with conceptual papers. (This has been translated in 2 languages).

Manual for Trainers for Women Entrepreneurship for ILO, South Asian Countries.

A manual for Gender and Development Trainers developed in collaboration with Royal Netherlands Development Co-operation, for Gender Sensitisation as well as Gender Trainers Training.

Manual for Supplementing Mothers Income: A Solution to Child Labour. A joint publication of ICECD and ILO.

Resource Directory on Micro Credit : Details of the Micro Credit Organizations in India

New Publications

Trainers Manual on Group Entrepreneurship for Rural Women

Trainers Manual on Women Entrepreneurship Development

Making Development Gender Sensitive: A Guide for development workers for gender sensitisation and gender aware planning

Alleviating Poverty : From subsistence economy to investment economy ( a training guide for poverty alleviation through entrepreneurship development)

Trainers’ guide book for Micro Finance Programmes for the Poor

Manual for Self Help Groups, Health, MFI and Education


"Fostering Women Entrepreneurship - Distinctive Features", Published by NIESBUD (National Institute for Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development), Govt. of India

"Women Entrepreneurship Development Training Modules", published by ICECD India (6 volumes).

"Fostering Women Entrepreneurship in Jordan for establishment of Small Enterprises", Project Document, ILO, Geneva.

"Self-employment and Entrepreneurship Development in Indonesia", Project Document, ILO, Geneva.

Poverty alleviation through enterprise development for women.

"Women in Entrepreneurial Activity" - Jordan Times, Amman, Jordon

"Entrepreneur and Entrepreneurship - A Conceptual Model", Proceedings of International Workshop on Fostering Entrepreneurship in Asian Countries, Published by ICECD, India and FAMD, Japan

"Selection of Women Entrepreneurs, Rationale, Tools and Techniques", Proceedings of International Workshop on Fostering Entrepreneurship in Asian Countries (referred above).

"Distinctive Features in Process of Women Entrepreneurship", Proceedings of International Workshop on Fostering Entrepreneurship in Asian Countries

"Entrepreneurship in Small Scale Sector - Managing a Small Unit - Learning from Feed Back", Proceedings of the National Workshop on turn Around Strategies, Published by the Indian Institute of Management (Lucknow), India.

"Entrepreneurship Development Training and its Effectiveness", Proceedings of the Seminar on Small Scale Industry and National Economy, Published by the Indian Institute of Management (Bangalore), India

"Strategic Approach for Employment Generation for Women Entrepreneurs", Proceedings of the National Workshop on Employment Generation, Published by the Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India, New Delhi

"Strategic Approach to Development of Women Entrepreneurs in India", Proceedings of the International Workshop of Women Entrepreneurship held at Manila, Published by FAMD-Japan and Technonet Asia- Singapore

"Entrepreneurship Development training for school students", Proceedings of the National Workshop, Published by the National Council for Education, Research and Training, Govt. of India, New Delhi

"What makes a woman an Entrepreneur", Published by Women's Own (a leading magazine of Pakistan).

"Management Training and Entrepreneurship Development for Women", Published by PAN-AFRICAN Institute for Development, Duala, Cameroon

"Training Programmes for Women in Pakistan" - DAWN (Daily News Paper of Pakistan)

"Women as Entrepreneurs" - The Times of India.

“Innovative strategies for development of women in micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs)” – Paper presented in BDS Conference in Hanoi, Vietnam.

“Innovative strategies by ICECD for women entrepreneurs in India” – Paper made for Royal Netherlands Embassy, New Delhi.

“Poverty alleviation for women through micro enterprise” Paper prepared and Presented for UNDP, Kathmandu, Nepal.

“Small and Medium Entrepreneurship in the 21st Century” Paper prepared and Presented for All India Management Association

“Balancing Act : Integrating Gender in Development” Paper prepared and Presented for IGNOU, New Delhi

“Product Range and Innovativeness in BDS Market” Paper prepared and presented for ILO, New Delhi

“Sustainable Model for Cost Effective Micro Credit Operations” Paper prepared and presented for SEEDS, Sri Lanka.



corporate social responsibility in Ahmedabad
Gujarat Women Development Award

“Gujarat Women Development Award” awarded by the Government of Gujarat, Women and Child Development Department 2005-06

Mahila Gaurav Sanman

“Mahila Gaurav Sanman” for unprecedented contribution to women’s empowerment in the State of Gujarat – 2009, awarded by Bhartiya Praudh Shikshan Sangh Gujarat Branch and Achhla Education Foundation Trust.

Daughter of Gujarat

“Daughter of Gujarat – 2016” awarded by Swayam Siddha Foundation (Ahmedabad) on Daughters Day Foundation


“SAKHI Award” for “Excellent Performance” in Contribution for Women Entrepreneurship Development – 2003 in Gujarat, India, awarded by Sakhi Pakshik.


CSR in Ahmedabad
Stree Shakti Puraskar

“Stree Shakti Puraskar” instituted by the Government of India for the valuable services to the cause of Women and Girls. The award has been presented by Hon’ble President of India Smt. Pratibha Patil on 8th March 2010 at Vigyan Bhavan, New Delhi. Stree Shakti Award by President Pratibha Patil on International Women's Day at New Delhi in 2010

PMI Award for Best Project for Community Development

“PMI Award 2010 for Best Project for Community Development” for Widows Economic Rehabilitation by the Project Management Institute of India, November 2010.

Titan – India Today BE

Chosen as the “Titan – India Today BE MORE LEGEND” of India - June 2010 by Titan Industries Ltd. Hina Shah – TITAN Be More Legend 2010

National Achievements
Award for Education

“National Achievements Award for Education Excellence” for invaluable contribution in the field of Global Economic Development 2009, awarded by Indian Economic Development & Research Foundation.

Indira Gandhi Priyadarshini Award

“Indira Gandhi Priyadarshini Award 2009” at the National Unity Conference – New Delhi for excellence in the field of Development – 2009, awarded by All India National Unity Conference.

Bharat Jyoti Award

“Bharat Jyoti Award” for outstanding contribution to Global Economic development 2008, awarded by India International Friendship Society


“Outstanding Performance” under Self Help Groups (Poor Women) Bank Linkage Programme 2004” awarded by National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD)
- Lavasa Women with a Drive Award – 2013, awarded by Lavasa’s Women’s Drive in association with The Times of India, Mumbai

Lavasa Women with a Drive Award

Lavasa Women with a Drive Award – 2013, awarded by Lavasa’s Women’s Drive in association with The Times of India, Mumbai Hina Shah - Lavasa Women with a drive award march 2013


corporate social responsibility in Gujarat

“Recognition of International Centre for Entrepreneurship and Career Development (ICECD)” as a “Centre of Excellence” by UN-ESCAP – 1997

Woman of the Year

“Woman of the Year 2012” awarded by The American Biographical Institute, World Forum, Oxford, England in July 2012

Entrepreneurship Promoter of the Year

“2010 Entrepreneurship Promoter of the Year” , awarded by the Entrepreneurship Promotions Academy – Nigeria in October 2010.

International award

“Entrepreneurs International award” “for global contribution” in Women Entrepreneurship Development – 2001, Late Shri A R Bhat Entrepreneurship Development Award, FIE Research Institute

Woman of the Year

“Woman of the Year 2000” award by American Biographical Institute, USA

International Peace

“International Peace Prize” – For contribution of a lifetime to promote global unity through pursuit of Excellence, United Cultural Convention, USA

CSR in Gujarat


Dr. Hina Shah is a dancer, painter, plays tennis, a mother and godmother to over a million under-privileged women. The founder of International Centre for Entrepreneurship & Career Development (ICECD) helps women to stand on their feet. She has created a niche for herself with path breaking innovative ideas. She is reborn as an entrepreneur, genius, humane and fiercely confident. A true leader, who has a passion and exuberance for life, why just life, passion for everything she does.

She decided to become an entrepreneur after completing her M.Sc. At that time, the society (be it parents, husbands, in-laws, relatives, neighbours, banks or even market) was not prepared to see women being independent. Resistance from society, friction at emotional and economic levels, along with financial institutions refusing to give loans made it all the more difficult for her to initially take the plunge towards Entrepreneurship. However, she was determined to achieve her goal and hence, emerged a successful entrepreneur in the field of plastic packaging, while effectively balancing roles of a mother, a wife and a daughter. Gradually, she received acceptance from society.

She is also an exponent of Oddissi dance. Her interest in dance first took shape when she saw Kamala Laxmi perform Bharatnatyam and Kuchipudi on stage. She was only four years old. She received meticulous dance training from her guru Sri Indrakumar Patnaik Mohanti in Orissa. Later, she performed all over and won numerous awards and accolades nationally. With many felicitations on national and international platforms, she set new standards for this rich form of Indian classical dance and has also passed on this art to her two daughters. 'When we three dance together, it is another world. We experience absolute serenity and the energy is magical. It’s pure bliss to dance with both my daughters and rock the stage every single time', says Hina Shah.

While she got more and more involved in dance, she gradually started drawing dancers - the postures, the outfits, the colours; that is how she began painting. Painting became yet another medium for her expressions. Majority of her paintings are oil with a blend of impressionism and contemporary styles. One of her recent painting exhibitions at Nehru Centre, Mumbai was extremely well received and visited by over 7000 art lovers.


મહિલાઓ પગભર બની શકે તે માટે કોણ
કરી રહ્યું છે પ્રયાસ؟

Dr.Hina Shah 2nd Aug 2019

Addresses Women on women's
day 2018

Dr.Hina Shah 5th October 2018

The world women's economic
Development conference in
St. Petersburg, Russia.

Dr.Hina Shah 28th Jan 2018

FDP for Entrepreneurship

Dr.Hina Shah 11th November 2017

HINA SHAH address INDUS University on Entrepreneurship Part 4

Dr.Hina Shah 13th July 2014

HINA SHAH address INDUS University on Entrepreneurship Part 3

Dr.Hina Shah 11th July 2014

HINA SHAH address INDUS University on Entrepreneurship Part 2

Dr.Hina Shah 11th July 2014

HINA SHAH address INDUS University on Entrepreneurship Part 1

Dr.Hina Shah 18th April 2014


Dr.Hina Shah 18th Jun 2013


CSR in Ahmedabad
South Asia Youth Summit on Climate Change: Tackling Climate Change via Youth Entrepreneurship, SAARC Chamber of Commerce and Industry on November 2, 2017 at Kathmandu, Nepal

CSR in Gujarat
WISDOM Special Lecture Series, Banasthali University, 27 September 2017 at Banasthali, Rajasthan, India

CSR Authority in Ahmedabad
“Empowering Women through CSR” at India CSR Summit, 18th-19th September 2017 at Gurgaon
CSR Authority in Gujarat
“RE-ENGINEERING ENTREPRENEURSHIP” at Entrepreneurship Conclave ‘Pragaman 2.0’, 7th September 2017 at Nirma University, Ahmedabad, India
Woman Empowerment : Start-up & Entrepreneurship, 6th September 2017 at Govt. Engineering College, Modasa, Gujarat, India
Keynote speaker at “National Women Conclave” at Veer Narmad South Gujarat University at Surat in March 2017
“Separate Policy for Women Entrepreneurship is the need of the hour” at Annual International Women’s Conference “East and West Meet in Saint Petersburg” in November 2016 at Saint Petersburg
“Challenges and Opportunities- Startup India” at Ahmedabad on 18th March, 2016.


‘My first interaction with Hina Shah goes back to mid August 1988 in an International Workshop on Women Entrepreneurs at Manila, Philippines. In this workshop, more than thousands of women entrepreneurs from all over Asian-Pacific countries were raising critical issues to the group of experts/promoters of entrepreneurship. Hina, being the only female member in the expert group, had to face all issues raised by these women entrepreneurs. The way Hina responded and supported these women in resolving their gender related dilemmas made her a favourite of all participating women entrepreneurs irrespective of their country of origin. This was the era in which the entire developing world was struggling for making entrepreneurship as the basis for all-round development.

Observing her excellent performance in the workshop at her young age, Hina became a discovery for me as a very strong potential leader/soldier for making entrepreneurship a national movement in India and also its spread to many developing countries in the world.’

M.M.P. Akhouri, Executive Director,
NIESBUD (National Institute of Entrepreneurship
& Small Business Development)/
ICECD Board Member

‘Born entrepreneur, genius, humane and fiercely confident . . . that is Hinaben. A true friend and a true leader, who has a passion for life, why just life, passion for everything she does.’

Chandramauli Pathak,
Renowned Expert- Entrepreneurship Development

‘Hina has struck me to be ethical, dedicated and professional with a never-say-die attitude, at the same time, demonstrating personal concern and compassion for the less advantaged.’

Barbara Victor, Project Director,
Canadian High Commission in India

‘I have always found Hinaben full of energy and enthusiasm working relentlessly for women, empowering them with the skill to make them independent and self supporting. Her dedication is really amazing!’

K.H. Kaji, High Court Advocate

‘Mrs Hina Shah exudes an aura of genuine warmth, generosity of spirit and dignity . . . I take the opportunity . . . to congratulate her for her contribution—not just to the millions of women entrepreneurs whose life she has influenced, but also thank her for sharing her enlightened self, so selflessly with others around her with such effortless ease.’

Zenobia Zamindar, Advanced Design, Microsoft

‘Knowing Ms. Hina makes one proud to be a woman.’

Rashmi, Entrepreneur

'Ms Hina is an icon for the urban women who wish to make a niche of their own in this male-dominated world . . . I wish women of present times and the generations to come learn all the good Hinaben has and make India and the world a much better place.'

Dr. Shailesh Desai,
Renowned Cardiologist

'She often refused to settle with the common denominator of living, and was always seeking for authenticity. Such values helped her to find her current field of work where she is so successful.'

Ranjana Kumar,
Entrepreneur USA

'Professionally, what she has developed, unabated, undaunted, despite it being a male chauvinistic society, she deserves all medals that she has won.’

Anita Shah,
Regional Management
Bank of Baroda, Ahmedabad, India

'At a time when women are still struggling to make a dent in a male-dominated society, Hina's ICECD stands out as an exclusive institution dedicated to the cause of women both in letter and spirit . . . India needs more and more such Hina Shahs!'

Lalitha Mahadevan,
(National Bank for Agricultural and Rural Development)

‘It is indeed Hina's zest and pragmatic outlook through which she has found your way for meaningful social, personal and family contribution in making a positive difference in every walk of life for women.’

Dr Swaminarayan,
CEO, Sintex

‘You are truly an amazing woman and have inspired and empowered so many lives around the world.’

Ilze L. Fender,
Director of Resource Development & External
Affairs, International Partners in Mission (IPM)

'I hope my words do not sound hollow . . . but when I saw Hina performing on stage with her two daughters, to whom she is the guru, I was reminded of the title of the movie “Spellbound” of Ingrid Bergman fame. . . The effortless choreography made the whole experience extremely enjoyable to all and sundry who could appreciate the experience of her dancing in totality.'

Praful Bakeri,
Renowned Builder, Bakeri Group
(leading construction group)


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